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    exists only Love (chapter 7 from "Life" by RAUMUAR)
    • Chapter 7.

    The name of this chapter reflects my understanding of truth. In this chapter I will try to "decipher" this understanding. What is the truth? The truth is a knowledge which proves to be true always and under any circumstances. In such knowledge there is nothing ephemeral, thought up. It is knowledge of God essence, of the Divine.
    I am interested in many aspects of God, but the main thing, I always wished to know (i. e. recollect) essence of God. And this essence is obvious. It is so obvious that we usually do not notice it. Probably because here a lot of contrasts to this phenomenon. And one of my purposes is just to remind (including to itself) about of essence of God, so about everything that exists. It is the true which is expressed in three terrestrial words: «exists only Love».
    God is the reason of the reasons. God is everything that exists. All. All of us - One, all of us - parts of God. Therefore a lot of sides of God and if and to try to define God through one concept, quite probably to express by means of one word - Love. And there is only a Love.
    Why only Love? Why then there is a fear, the hatred, all this struggle? To answer this question it is necessary to recollect God again. It is considered that God is a Creator that God has created the Life (or speaking scientifically - the Universe). Yes it so because there is nothing, except God. And if someone or something has created the Life, it only God. But here with terminology «God - the Creator» I do not agree. Yes, God has divided itself, and thus, various Divine parts which are at different stages of evolution have been received. The different worlds, the different beings, new feelings, such as a grief, fear, anger, and others have been created. Yes, all it has appeared, all it was created. From this point of view of God it is quite possible to name the Creator. And so it actually also is, but with one reservation - God has not created anything essentially other, opposite Divine. God has created illusion… opposite Divine. Actually God could not create that in a root is distinct from Divine. Because it is impossible. Yes, probably very many, but not all and it including. As there was all Love so it and remains Love. Only this Love has shared on a part, which steels to differ from each other only smaller or big parts the unique energy - Love. All the others of energy - not that other as different degrees of Love.
    For clearer understanding it is possible to imagine that the Love is Light. And this Light has divided itself into parts. One greatest part remained former, it also brightly and continuously Shines, as well as always. Other smaller parts became less Light. The many different parts of the Light have been received. And some of them were so unlike others what to believe that they too have occurred from the same source it was difficult. Because some of them so gleamed that seemed absolutely dark. And some parts of the Light even have started to think that these dark parts absolutely others, not such as they. And between Light and darkness there was a struggle. And meanwhile Light which Shines more brightly is capable to make out even in the most dark part of the Light that always and everywhere exists - Light.
    Because all the darkness is not phenomenon absolutely opposite to Light, and is only relative phenomenon. They differ on illumination, but not as a matter of fact. And thus, if to look in an essence of this phenomenon the Light and darkness is the same phenomenon, only in different degree of the expression. Precisely as well the fear is Love, only they "are differently shined". All has occurred from Love and there is nothing that would not be Love.
    But certainly to assert, what to feel, for example, the rage and pleasure is same I will not be. These are various enough, of course, feelings. In this sense God has achieved that He wished - the various phenomena which are opposite truly Divine have been created many. It and division contrary to Unity. It and death contrary to the Life. It and fear contrary to Love. But it is important to understand that all these created opposite phenomena are relative. So, true division is not present also it it is impossible. As there is no also true a death and fear. To change an essence Divine it is impossible - it beginning and it is eternal - and it is Love. It is impossible to make so that in something or someone there was no Love. It is impossible to make so that the fear always remained fear. All is Love and all will come to the higher evolution - to Unity with God. Any being "is doomed" to be shone all more brightly and more brightly because it is inevitable to be Divine, it is inevitable to be Love, it is possible to choose only again to pass the way from darkness to Light. And this way is Love display and expression of Love.
    Therefore it is possible to tell that the Life is a device for creation of possibilities for Love display and expression of Love, and the meaning of the Life (as the phenomena) consists in creation of such possibilities.
    What conclusions follow from this information, everyone solves for himself. But I wish to share one more conclusion: always there is a possibility to express your essence - you can always express yourselves through action, words, thoughts or estate - always exists possibility to Like, feel Love to yourself, to be Love. For expression of Love there is no necessity for creation of certain conditions and the reasons. Because the Love is the reason of all that occurred, occurs and will occur. The Love is the reason of all other reasons. The Love is the most natural phenomenon. The Love is possible always and everywhere. The Love exists everywhere and eternally. Because the Love is everything that exists. All - Love expression. Exists only Love!

    Источник: http://www.humanitysteam.org/ru/node/1074
    Категория: Мои статьи | Добавил: RAUMUAR (06.10.2009) | Автор: Ражабов Р. П. (Раумуар или Raumuar)
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